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Zum Zum Zum We’re Going to Newfoundland!

How to find a destination

In my family, there are some things we are very passionate about. I bet it happens in every family with kids: one day you just take a book from the library, watch a cartoon or a documentary, or somebody gives you a really nice toy. Your kid gets very passionate about it, and, as a consequence, you as well. Being a parent is fun because you become a child again. In some couples, like ours, I sometimes suspect we decided to have kids just because we wanted to play with their toys. Not to mention bouncy castles, which didn’t exist when we were kids, but this is another story. Some time ago we picked this book at the library titled Following Papa’s Song, by Gianna Marino. The book tells the story of Little Blue and Papa whale and their journey to their summer feeding ground. The illustrations are really beautiful and accurate, and the story explores father-son relationship with tenderness. It soon became a classic for us. We borrowed it from the library so many times  that we ended up buying it. This is how our passion for whales started. So we began to watch documentaries about whales, we became supporters of Sylvia Earle, we visited an amazing exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum, and so on. 

“When I am big, Papa, will I still hear your song?” “Yes, Little Blue. If you listen closely, you will always hear my song.” (Following Papa’s Song by Gianna Marino)

A few months ago we decided we needed a vacation: after a long time, a proper family vacation away from it all. Our first and official Canadian vacation. We wanted to explore Canada, we wanted something not too touristic but also family friendly. Then we saw this ad:

“Where is this place exactly? It’s about as far from Disneyland as you can possibly get”

They got us with the phrase about Disneyland. They also got us with sending a really nice map and tourist guide just a few days after submitting our request. Well done, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism!

After booking our flight to Newfoundland, we also became interested in icebergs and puffins. As for icebergs, we found a nice book titled Lulie the Iceberg, written by, believe it or not, a member of the royal Japanese family, Princess Takamado. As for puffins, just take a look at the cartoon series Puffin Rock on Netflix: isn’t it the cutest little cartoon ever?

When we tell our Canadian friends we are going to Newfoundland, we usually get 2 opposite reactions. The first one is of suspect: Newfoundland? Aren’t you tired of the cold? Why not Cuba? The second one, usually from those who want or had already been there, is of enthusiasm: cool! It’s an amazing place! So I suspect we picked one of these places you really love or you’re suspicious about. If you have been there, you think it’s a well kept secret and you’re proud of belonging to the club of “those who went to Newfoundland”. If you like the idea and you’ve never been there, you’ll eventually find a way to fill this gap. If you never considered going there, probably it’s not the place for you. And that’s fine, too.

Having a Plan, But Being Not Too Strict About It

We will fly with WestJet from Toronto to Deer Lake, we will rent a car and drive to Twillingate, the Iceberg Alley. We will spend there three days, driving around the peninsula, going for an iceberg and whale watching boat tour and probably going to Fogo Island. After that, we will drive back West to Gros Morne National Park, explore the coast and the famous fjord. We just booked flight, car and accommodation. Especially with kids, it’s better not to make strict plans.

Will we spot any whales? Icebergs? Puffins? I don’t know. As far as I understand, it is an amazing place with unpredictable weather, wild, breathtaking landscapes and extremely kind people. And that’s everything I need to dream about.

Call for Comments!

Have you ever been to Newfoundland? Have any advice for us? An unmissable place, a secret corner, some interesting food? Do you know anybody there and want us to go and say “Hi” from you? Let me know in the comments section!

2 comments On Zum Zum Zum We’re Going to Newfoundland!

  • We just got back from Nova Scotia/PEI this month, and we loved it and are definitely hoping to go to Newfoundland next time. It’s beautiful, and from the pictures, I’ve seen it reminds me a lot of Iceland. Have fun and let me know how you liked it! 🙂 When are you flying out?

    • Thanks, Eliza! I knew you would be interested in our next adventure! We’re leaving next Saturday and I really can’t wait to be there. Of course, I’ll follow up this post with a full review of our experience so… stay tuned! 😉

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