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On an Italian island, a documentary and a tragedy

Cliffs of Lampedusa, Italy

My husband and I visited Lampedusa in June 2010. At the time we still had no kids so we were able to have a proper relaxing vacation. Just the two of us, wandering about the beaches, reading Andrea Camilleri’s books, eating delicious food. screen-shot-2017-02-16-at-11-02-01We always loved small islands, they’re the perfect solution for a stress free vacation. In fact, the island is a defined space: the sea sets the boundaries for your imagination. The restless traveller - as we are - knows he/she has a limited amount of land to explore, so he/she will be moderately tormented by the curiosity of knowing more and going a little farther every time. Lampedusa had always aroused our geographical curiosity for its being a sort of Finis Terrae. The ancient Romans used this expression to define “the end of the earth”. As you can see from the map, Lampedusa is the southernmost land of Europe. As restless travellers, of course we managed to reach the southernmost part of Lampedusa, which looks like this:

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