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Ciao, eh!

This blog is based on my experience as immigrant, Italian and mom in Toronto. During these years in Canada I’ve been asked a lot of questions from my Canadian friends and colleagues, and some of these questions are always the same. WHY did you leave Italy for Canada? What do you think about this or that Italian book/movie? How is Canada seen from Italy? What do you think of that Italian restaurant? Do you make your own tomato sauce at home? I’m serious, I’ve been asked about tomato sauce at least 4/5 times… when I say I buy it at the grocery store they’re definitely disappointed, so I always add that my grandma used to make it at home.
In these years I realised that Canadians tend to have a stereotypical idea of the Italian immigrant: arrived about 50 years ago, well established after working very hard, very nostalgic about his home land (Italy of the 50s, 60s, 70s), celebrating his roots with cheesy festivals… I don’t want to play down the importance of these people. However, I believe it should be interesting for Canadians to see that there are now new Italian immigrants: they speak English and they buy tomato sauce at the grocery store.
There will be posts about the socio-economic situation in Italy, interviews to new and old Italian immigrants, Canadian news as seen from Italy, reviews of Italian books, movies, restaurants, traveling tips, recipes… so.. STAY TUNED!

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