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Did you REALLY leave Italy to come to Canada?

Le Marche Hills

Since we arrived about 2 years ago, this is the question me and my husband have been most asked. When we say we come from Italy, Canadians open their eyes wide and simply can’t believe we left Italy for Canada. After so long, I came to the conclusion that Canadians simply think we left this:

[caption id="attachment_35" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Le Marche Hills I really left this! This is the countryside just a few kilometres from my hometown, it's a magical place called "Abbazia di Chiaravalle di Fiastra" on a wonderful June day when the wheat is still green and looks like velvet.[/caption]

for this:

[caption id="attachment_38" align="alignnone" width="960"]Child carrier backpack Less than a month after our arrival in Canada, one day the snow was so deep that the stroller was useless, so I had to take my son to daycare in the backpack child carrier. My mom back home cried when she saw I posted this picture. Really![/caption]

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