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Newfoundland: Woods and Ocean

7 days, 3+3 hours flight, 2 suitcases, 1 hiking backpack, 2 cameras, 1 child carrier, 1 stroller, 2 car seats, 1500 km drive, 1 b&b, 1 cottage, 2 adults, 2 kids, 1 wonderful Canadian province.  It may sound the most stressful thing ever, but we did it and we actually enjoyed it (most of the times)! As planned in a previous post, our goal was to go on our very first family vacation and go back alive the four of us: yes, with two kids you really learn how to lower the bar.

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Zum Zum Zum We’re Going to Newfoundland!

Books, Guides, Toys

How to find a destination

In my family, there are some things we are very passionate about. I bet it happens in every family with kids: one day you just take a book from the library, watch a cartoon or a documentary, or somebody gives you a really nice toy. Your kid gets very passionate about it, and, as a consequence, you as well. Being a parent is fun because you become a child again. In some couples, like ours, I sometimes suspect we decided to have kids just because we wanted to play with their toys. Not to mention bouncy castles, which didn’t exist when we were kids, but this is another story. Some time ago we picked this book at the library titled Following Papa’s Song, by Gianna Marino. The book tells the story of Little Blue and Papa whale and their journey to their summer feeding ground. The illustrations are really beautiful and accurate, and the story explores father-son relationship with tenderness. It soon became a classic for us. We borrowed it from the library so many times  that we ended up buying it. This is how our passion for whales started. So we began to watch documentaries about whales, we became supporters of Sylvia Earle, we visited an amazing exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum, and so on. 

"When I am big, Papa, will I still hear your song?" "Yes, Little Blue. If you listen closely, you will always hear my song." (Following Papa's Song by Gianna Marino)

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On an Italian island, a documentary and a tragedy

Cliffs of Lampedusa, Italy

My husband and I visited Lampedusa in June 2010. At the time we still had no kids so we were able to have a proper relaxing vacation. Just the two of us, wandering about the beaches, reading Andrea Camilleri’s books, eating delicious food. screen-shot-2017-02-16-at-11-02-01We always loved small islands, they’re the perfect solution for a stress free vacation. In fact, the island is a defined space: the sea sets the boundaries for your imagination. The restless traveller - as we are - knows he/she has a limited amount of land to explore, so he/she will be moderately tormented by the curiosity of knowing more and going a little farther every time. Lampedusa had always aroused our geographical curiosity for its being a sort of Finis Terrae. The ancient Romans used this expression to define “the end of the earth”. As you can see from the map, Lampedusa is the southernmost land of Europe. As restless travellers, of course we managed to reach the southernmost part of Lampedusa, which looks like this:

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