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About Maple Spaghetti

Maple Spaghetti is a mix of my Italian roots and my adoptive country, Canada. It tries to tell Canadians something about Italy today: something that goes beyond pizza, mafia and O’ Sole Mio. It also tries to tell Italians something about Canada that goes beyond cold weather, maple syrup and Quebec.

About Me

Born in small town in Le Marche region, centre of Italy. Very active kid: played all kinds of sports, studied piano for many years, went to Liceo Classico (a radical-chic version of High School where you study Latin and Old Greek). Moved to Bologna for University, got a Bachelor in Foreign Languages and a Master in Comparative Literature. Traveled a lot: against resorts, in favour of sustainable tourism. Lived in Bologna for 11 years, worked for Big American Fashion Company. Married, got Italian son. One day husband called me at midnight yelling he got a job in Canada. So we moved to Canada. Still working for Big American Fashion Company. Got Canadian daughter. Fascinated by movement, migrations, mixes, hyphenated cultures. Against seriousness, boredom, strictness. Pro happiness, noise, mess. Love music, photography, literature, cooking. A stubborn enthusiast.

Blog Policy a.k.a. “The Legal Stuff”

Please note that all written content, images and videos in this blog are copyright of Maple Spaghetti unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and they do not represent those of my employer. You’re more than welcome to share my content but please ask for my consent and hyperlink back to this blog. 

I love comments! All viewpoints are welcome but please be constructive. I reserve the right to make editorial decisions regarding submitted comments if I think they are not appropriate.

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