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A Modern Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a girl who used to be quite good at driving wagons. She had been driving wagons since she was the legal age to drive wagons in her Realm. She passed her wagon driving test with no problem at all. She even got a licence to drive horses and passed it at the first attempt. The Realm she used to live in was very famous for its traffic, the complexity of its roads (which all lead to the same capital of that realm) and the belligerence of its drivers. In that Realm if your wagon was too small or too low you would risk to be hit by some magic spell from the monster behind you.

Motorbike Kawasaki ER500
The girl with her horse in The Old Realm

In addition, in that realm wagons used to be more difficult to be driven as they had a manual lever that needed to be pulled to change the wagon’s speed and direction. So the girl felt she was quite experienced and she had no fear in using every kind of wagon in all the realms she had traveled.

One day this girl and her family decide to cross The Big Pond to seek their fortune in another realm. This new realm is very cold but very hospitable and she loves it like her home. Still, one gloomy day the girl learns that if she wants to travel in her new home, she must pass a new wagon driving test. She thinks it should not be a big problem. She has many years of experience with manual wagons in a very crazy world. So one day she just borrows a friend’s wagon and goes to get her drive test. She thinks this is going to be like a walk in the park but the reality turns out to be quite different. There’s an evil wizard waiting for her! At the end of the exam the evil wizard tells her she cannot drive in The Cold Realm. The girl is shattered: she thought she could drive wagons safely and with no problem at all. But the girl is bold and she doesn’t let the evil wizard to dishearten her.

Man in stocks
A guy who still cannot drive wagons in The Cold Realm

She asks for help to a wise Lusitanian master who tells her the secrets of wagon driving in The Cold Realm. So one day she goes back to a new test place but she finds an even more evil wizard. Despite she knows all the secrets from the wise Lusitanian master, the even more evil wizard tells her again she doesn’t know how to drive wagons. This time the girl is very discouraged. She feels like the evil wizards cast a spell on her and turned her in one of those fairy tales princesses who are not able to do anything by themselves and always need a prince or a fairy godmother to save them. Instead, this girl is stubborn and she wants to face her fears. So, not so long after the second failure, she tries it again and this time the wizard tells her she is a good wagon driver and she can have the first-level wagon driving licence. The girl is happy but not satisfied. She will have to go through another test to finally be free from this spell. So this time the girl waits some months and in the meantime she drives her Zip-wagon and tries not to forget her master’s teachings. Then, one day she just wakes up and knows it is a good day to face the final monster. The final monster is a big road with a lot of wagons going very fast. She doesn’t mind if the wizard is going to be good or bad, this time she will just make it. She is determined and in fact she defeats the monster and passes the final test. She can now drive wagons in The Cold Realm, happily ever after.

Orfento Valley view, Italy
Happily Ever After

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